BD Home Sharps Container 1.4 Quart - 1 ea
BD Home Sharps Container 1.4 Quart - 1 ea

BD Home Sharps Container 1.4 Quart - 1 ea

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BD™ Home Sharps Container
For Insulin Syringes, Pen Needles and Lancets.

Worldwide Leader in Insulin Delivery Devices

The B-D Home Sharps Container is a leak-proof and puncture-resistant container designed for the disposal of used insulin syringes and lancets. The B-D Home Sharps Container is a convenient and safe way to dispose of syringes and lancets that helps protect your family and the environment.

Questions: Contact BD Consumer Healthcare: 888-232-2737 or Visit:


  • Leak-proof
  • Puncture-resistant
  • Snap lock lid
  • Can hold 70-100 Syringes or up to 300 Pen Needles


To discard used insulin syringes and lancets:

  • Drop used syringes and lancets needle-first into opening closest to edge.

To remove and discard used pen needles:

  • Do not reshield the needle.
  • Carefully insert pen tip into center opening at a 45-degree angle and push firmly until pen stops.
  • Rotate pen to the left several times while applying continuous forward pressure to loosen pen needle.
  • Needle will fall into container after pen is removed.
  • If pen needle gets caught in opening, use pen to push it into the container. Do not use your fingers or hands.

Other Information:

If disposing of pen needles for someone else, please use a mounting bracket. You can receive this free of charge, by calling BD at 1-888-BDCARES (232-2737). If mounting bracket to a wall make sure instruction label can be seen.

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