BodyMed TENS Electrodes 2 Round, White Mesh Backed - 4 ea
BodyMed TENS Electrodes 2 Round, White Mesh Backed - 4 ea

BodyMed TENS Electrodes 2 Round, White Mesh Backed - 4 ea

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2 inch

TENS Electrodes by BodyMed 2" Round, White Mesh Backed
For use with TENS Unit Nerve Stimulators and Electric Muscle Stimulators

These TENS Electrodes offers the highest quality of reusable gel on the market. Since the Electrode Pads are pre-gelled, simply place them on the area, and when finished, place them back on the electrode pad (included). The better you care for the electrodes, the longer they will last.

Carbon electrodes for use with TENS Units and Muscle Stimulators.

  • Flexible solid-carbon pad for maximum charge delivery and comfort
  • Reuseable Gel
  • White Cloth-Mesh backing for comfort and flexibility
  • Molded wire connector for reliability and durability

Quality TENS Electrodes means less replacement costs down the line. OTCWholesale carries the some of the very best TENS Electrode on the market. High Quality Electrode Pads will save you money in the long run by providing you with multiple use - For multiple treatments - before replacing. Prolong the life of your TENS Unit Electrodes by purchasing Pre-TENS Conductive Gel and Post-Treatment TENS Lotion, or get everything you need in our TENS Accessories Kit!

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  1. Apply only to unbroken skin
  2. Clean and dry the area to which the TENS Electrodes are to be applied with soap and water prior to application of the Electrode Pads.
  3. Plug the lead wire into the Pin Connector on the pre-wired electrode pad.
  4. To apply to the skin:remove the protective liner from the TENS Electrode and apply to the prescribed location.


  1. To remove: Lift the corner of the elctrode pad and peel holding both the back of the TENS Electrode and the edge of the adhesive.
  2. Place the TENS Unit Elctrodes on glossy side of storage card and remove the lead wiresw by twisting and pulling at the same time.
  3. Clean the skin with soap and water after removal. Repeated application may be improved by washing the adhesive for one second under cold running water and allowing to air dry (do not heat it). Ove saturation with water will reduce the adhesive proprties of the electrode pad. Or moisten skin with tap water and allow 1 minute for the adhesive to anchor to the skin before putting any tension on the lead wire attached to the electrode.


  • The electrode pads are intended for use by one patient only. Do not share TENS Unit Electrodes.
  • Adjust stimulator according to stimulator and health professional instructions for your treatment.
  • Do not apply to broken skin. If rash or skin irritation occurs, discontinue use and contact your physician. Do not use while driving a motorized vehicle, or operating machinery. Do not exeed 0.1 watts.
  • Ferdral Law restricts this device to sale by, or on the order of, a physician or other licensed practitioner. Use a neurostimulator approved fo distribution within the USA.

Other Information:

Do's and Dont's for TENS Electrode Removal

Do: Peel electrode pad from liner or skin by lifting at any corner.

Dont: Pull on the wire at any time for removal.

  1. When removing electrode pads from the liner, peel up by any corner.
  2. Save orginal liner and packaging for storage of tens electrodes.
  3. When treatment is done, remove electrode pad from the skin by again peeling up from any corner.
  4. Place tens unit electrodes back on original liner and in original packaging.

If electrode gel would seem dry, add just a few drops of water on the gel.

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