2 Bay 9 Volt Battery Charger - 1 ea
2 Bay 9 Volt Battery Charger - 1 ea

2 Bay 9 Volt Battery Charger - 1 ea

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9V Battery Charger, 2 Bay Dual 9 Volt Charging
Great for use with high yield rechargeables used in demanding electronics

Dual bay trickle charger for 9V batteries

  • Charge 2 9V batteries at the same time
  • Low profile design of this 9V charger makes it a perfect fit to be stored inside your TENS carrying case
  • Effectively charges any rechargeable 9V batteries
  • Designed to extend the life of your rechargeable 9V batteries

Questions: Manufacturer 1-800-871-7858 or www.roscoemedical.com



  1. Specifications:
    • Charging 1 or 2 9V batteries only.
    • Two-way parallel constant current charging mode.
    • Continuous charging.
      • Input: AC110V 50HZ SW
      • Output: 9V 20mA
    • Using temperature: 10 - 40°C
  2. Charging Method:
    • Insert batteries correctly. Make sure that the "+" and "-" terminals are aligned properly.
    • Put the charger into the correct household AC electronic outlet, the red led will light up for proper charging.
  3. Charging Status:
    • The red led will light up when the batteries charging, and it will continously charge.
    • This is a trickle charger, it takes about 12 hours to charge a standard 200mA battery.
    • The charger does not indicate a fully charged battery.
  4. Charging time:
    • 9V 80mA - 4 hours
    • 9V 120mA - 6 hours
    • 9V 200mA - 12 hours
  5. Note:
    • Don't move the batteries or cut off the power
    • If you do, it will affect the result
    • Do not insert the batteries if is not charging
    • For indoor use only
    • Far away from children
    • 10 - 40°C is the best charging temperature enviroment
    • Do not use other type or bad batteries
    • Far away from fire or strongly sunlight


  • This and all battery chargers must be used with a rechargeable battery only.
  • For 9V (6F22) batteries only
  • For indoor use only. Do not expose charger to moisture or high temperature
  • Always unplug the charger from outlet before attempting maintenance or cleaning
  • Charger operation temperature 10 - 40°C

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